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Uber Eats: Create Subcategories
Uber Eats: Create Subcategories
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You can publish multiple menus to Uber Eats to display your items inside categories and subcategories. Follow the steps in this article to learn how.

In Deliverect, you can group multiple menus together. Once published to Uber Eats, they are merged into one menu that allows for an additional level of categorization (subcategories).


On Deliverect

  • Menu Group

    • Menu: Burgers

      • Category: Beef burgers

      • Category: Chicken burgers

      • Category: Plant-based burgers

    • Menu: Desserts

      • Category: Ice creams

      • Category: Pancakes

Once published to Uber Eats

  • Uber Eats menu

    • Category: Burgers

      • Subcategory: Beef

      • Subcategory: Chicken

      • Subcategory: Plant-based

    • Category: Desserts

      • Subcategory: Ice creams

      • Subcategory: Pancakes

How to set it up

Step 1. Log in to your Deliverect account and go to the Menus page.

Step 4. Go to the Menus page and select the Publish menus button.

Step 5. In the Select menu to publish live dropdown, choose the menu group . Select the Uber Eats channel and then select the Publish menus button .

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