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Selling Alcohol (North America)
Selling Alcohol (North America)
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Each North American delivery channel has specific menu requirements for selling alcohol on a Deliverect. On each platform, contact the delivery partner directly first, to ensure that you are legally able to deliver alcohol in your licensing jurisdiction, and sign any relevant paperwork with the delivery partner.

When adding alcohol Item names on your Deliverect integration menu, there are certain requirements. To be universally accepted on all channels alcohol Item names can follow the Uber Eats alcohol item name format:

[Alcohol Title], [optional: quantity]-[volume] [optional: container type] [category] [[xx.x%] ABV]

  • Example #1: White Claw Black Cherry, 6pk-12oz can hard seltzer (5.0% ABV)

  • Example #2: Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, 750mL red wine (13.5% ABV)

  • Example #3: Budweiser, 16oz can beer (5.0% ABV)\

Uber Eats

To sell alcohol on Uber Eats via Deliverect, work with your Uber Eats account manager to ensure the integration is properly configured and approved before adding alcohol to their menu

Add the Contains alcohol tag to each item in Deliverect. If your liquor licensing jurisdiction requires that food be served with any alcohol purchase, tag every food item on the menu with the can serve alone tag.

The hours that alcohol can be sold on Uber Eats are determined by the merchant's liquor license and local regulations. However, Uber Eats also requires alcohol items to be turned off one hour before the store closes (even if liquor license hours are longer) to provide the delivery person time to complete a return if there’s a failed delivery.

Do not add alcohol to a menu without first contacting Uber Eats support and signing the Uber Eats alcohol sales terms and conditions. Alcohol items listed on accounts that have not signed the Uber Eats alcohol terms will be removed and the account could be subject to termination from the Uber Eats platform.


Contact DoorDash directly, and inform them that you would like to serve alcohol via a POS integration. DoorDash will guide you through the paperwork.

DoorDash will reject menu pushes containing alcohol from partners who have not set their accounts up for alcohol service or who have not tagged their alcoholic items with 'alcohol' tags in the Deliverect menu builder.


Alcohol items are automatically hidden from menus if you have not completed the required Grubhub compliance. Contact your Grubhub Account Advisor or Enterprise Partner Manager to set up a Stripe account and have your liquor license on file.


Contact Postmates support and inform them that you would like to sell alcohol. The Postmates support team or your account representative will guide you through the relevant paperwork.


If you already sell alcohol on SkipTheDishes, and are integrating your existing alcohol sales to your Deliverect menu, let your Deliverect account manager or our support team know you would like to sell alcohol upon integration. If you are adding alcohol after you are already integrated, reach out first to your SkipTheDishes account manager. You will need to complete the appropriate SkipTheDishes alcohol sales paperwork before starting to sell.

Add the Contains alcohol tag to each item in Deliverect and tag every food item on the menu with the can serve alone tag.

For each category that contains alcohol on SkipTheDishes, add the following disclaimer to the category description field (adjusting the age to be appropriate for your jurisdiction):

"Age Verification 19+: If the order contains alcohol items, the recipient of this order is required to present valid government ID to the courier at the time of delivery. This ID must match the name on the order. If the courier is unable to safely verify you ID, or if this condition or any other condition in the SkipTheDishes Terms of Service is not met, the order will not be delivered and will be subject to a $20 fee."

Check with your SkipTheDishes account manager what hours you can legally sell alcohol in your jurisdiction. If that doesn't match exactly with your store hours, adjust your alcohol category availability on Deliverect to match the local alcohol delivery hours.

If you add alcohol to your SkipTheDishes menu without following the steps above, SkiptheDishes will remove your menu from their site until you contact your Skip account manager and make the necessary changes.

SkipTheDishes customers in Quebec must include French translations otherwise the menu will be rejected.

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