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DMA: Update the Preparation Time for Incoming Orders
DMA: Update the Preparation Time for Incoming Orders
Updated over a week ago

Once you receive a new order in the Delivery Manager App (DMA), you can adjust its preparation time before accepting it.

This feature is unavailable for pickup/eat-in orders or when you provide the delivery yourself.

Not all delivery channels support this functionality.

Changing the order preparation time will replace the default set preparation time, but will not influence the default delivery time. For example, if your default preparation time is 15 minutes and delivery time is 30 minutes, and you change the preparation time to 30 minutes, the delivery time will remain 30 minutes.

The change in preparation time is sent to the driver but not your customer.

It is required to have the Automatically accept orders setting for this to display. You can find the option by navigating to the Settings page in your DMA app and selecting the Orders tab.

You can only adapt the preparation time, not the delivery time. Couriers can change the delivery time if necessary.

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