DMA: Order Status and Flow
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In this article, you can find explanations for each order status. In addition, learn how to change the flow of orders.

Where to find the status of an order

You can find the current status of an order next to its order number 🅐. To update the status, tap on the buttons 🅑. The order is then automatically moved to the next status.

Below you can find a list of all the statuses:

  • Accepted: the order is accepted in the app and is ready to be handled by the restaurant.

  • Preparing: the order is being prepared by the kitchen.

  • Prepared: the order is prepared by the kitchen.

  • Delivered: the order has reached the customer.

  • In Delivery: the order is being delivered to the customer.

  • Printed: the order ticket has been printed via the connected printer.

  • Pickup ready: the order is ready for pickup.

  • Failed: the order isn't received by the app. If you encounter this, please contact your Deliverect account manager or reach out to [email protected].

Change the flow of orders

To change the flow of an order, follow these instructions.

Step 1. Tap on Settings.

Step 2. Navigate to the Orders tab.

Step 3. Tap on the Change order flow text.

Step 4. Here you can activate or deactivate statuses in the order flow just by clicking on them. Changes to the flow are automatically saved.

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