Add or Change Images for Existing Products
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By adding images to your products, your menus will have a more significant visual impact on your customers. In this article, learn how to add or change an image.

Step 1. First, log in to your Deliverect account and navigate to the Products page.

Step 2. After finding the product, click on the ⋮ button and then Edit .

Step 3. In the General section, click on the box that states "Click here to upload an image". If an image has already been added, click on it.

Step 4. Clicking on the Upload Images button to upload an image from your device . Alternatively, click on an image previously uploaded to your account . Click on Save once ready.

If uploading an image, the following options are available:

  • Tags: Add any keywords to help you search for the image in the future.

  • Enable image editor: Crop and rotate the uploaded image and see how it will be displayed on your channels.

  • Keep transparent background: If uploading a PNG image, enabling this option will retain any transparency.

  • Keep original image: Images are resized by default. If you prefer for this not to occur, activate this option.

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