Make Your Menu Customer Friendly
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Want to make your published menus more attractive and customer-friendly? Here's a list of things you can do within your menu to improve your customer's ordering experience.

Add a menu image

Some delivery platforms allow you to upload a menu image directly from Deliverect.

Select the Click here to upload an image button. You can choose an existing image from your Deliverect account or upload one from your computer.

Add product images

Add images to your products to make them more enticing. You can add an image to a product via the Products page or by editing the product inside a menu (shown below).

Add product descriptions

Provide additional info about your product by including a description. This can be done by via the Products page or by editing it inside a menu (shown below).

Change modifier group order

How about reorganizing your modifier and upsell groups based on customer preference? To do so, open the product inside your menu and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click and drag to reorder them.

Are you looking to make changes to a single delivery channel or location? Follow this guide to learn about our fine-tuning feature.

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