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View Order Issues
Updated over a week ago

To understand how many orders have had issues over a set timeframe, navigate to Analytics and then Order issues in your sidebar.

Failed orders and cancelled orders

  • Failed orders: The total amount of orders that encountered a problem during processing.

  • Cancelled orders: The total amount of orders that were canceled.

To view all orders affected, click on the View orders links.


View the number of issues displayed over time. This can aid you in understanding when incidents took place.

You can choose to display only the orders that experienced issues or the percentage of order issues compared to your total order volume. Click on the # and % buttons to toggle between these options.

In addition, click on the dropdown to choose Failed orders or Cancelled orders.

Order issue by hour

A heat map of issues for each week. Darker colors show when a higher percentage of the issues occurred.

Failed/cancellxed orders by channel

This section shows you the channels with the most failed/canceled orders. Helpful for identifying which are having the most issues.

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