Create and Edit Menu Groups
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Group relevant menus to bring more structure to your Menus page.

You can create and edit menu groups by logging in to your Deliverect account and navigating to the Menus page.

Create a menu group

Step 1. Select the Add group button.

Step 2. Provide a group name and choose which menus to include. You can reorder the menus by dragging and dropping. Once ready, select the Save button.

Created menu groups are shown on your Menus page.

Edit menu groups

Step 1. Go to the menu group and select the Edit group button.

Step 2. In the new window, you can change the group's name, add new menus, drag menus to change the order, and remove menus from the group. At the bottom, you can save or cancel your changes and delete the menu group (this won't delete the menus contained in it).

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