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Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series: Configure Item Remarks
Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series: Configure Item Remarks
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Your customers may leave you comments or remarks when placing their orders. To correctly display them on your Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series POS and tickets, follow these steps.

Step 1. Log in to Lightspeed and select Items inside the Menu management section.

Step 2. Select the Create button and choose Single item .

Step 3. Create the item with the following configuration:

  • Item name: Free to choose (e.g., "Remark")

  • Price type: Select the Change price type button and choose Manually-entered price.

Step 4. Select the Add item to a menu button and choose the menu and screen to use. Make sure that you have selected the menu you use with Deliverect. If you are unsure, contact our support team.

Step 5. At the top of the page, select the POS settings tab and activate the following settings:

  • Make this a sub-item that cannot be sold alone

  • Allow item to be renamed

Step 6. Select the Save button at the top of the page

Step 7. Log in to your Deliverect account and sync your products for that location. Read this article to learn how.

Step 8. Contact your Deliverect account manager or our support team. Tell them the name or code of the item and ask that they configure it for item remarks. They will confirm with you once it is set up.

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