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Uber Eats: Provide Self Delivery or Use Dispatch Channels
Uber Eats: Provide Self Delivery or Use Dispatch Channels
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Prefer to deliver orders yourself, or make use of one of our dispatch channels? Follow the steps in this article to set this up.

Step 1. Log in to with the email address and password for your restaurant. If you have multiple stores, choose the one you wish to change via the dropdown at the bottom left.

Step 2. Click on Settings in the sidebar.

Step 3. Change to the Delivery tab.

Step 4. Configure the following options:

  1. Delivery fee: Choose the cost of delivery that customers will pay. If you will be using a dispatch channel, reach out to them to find out what fee to set.

  2. Fulfillment time: Free to choose.

  3. Distance: Increase/decrease the distance that you or dispatch channels will deliver to.

  4. Reach customers outside your area: If you want Uber Eats to deliver orders outside of this distance, activate the toggle. For dispatch channels, we recommend leaving this deactivated.

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