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Deliverect Online Ordering: Limit How Many Orders Can Be Placed in a Time Period
Deliverect Online Ordering: Limit How Many Orders Can Be Placed in a Time Period
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This article contains information and instructions to be used only with Deliverect's Online Ordering channel.

With the Capacities feature in Deliverect, you can prevent your kitchen staff from being overrun with orders. Limit the total amount of orders or set hard limits for certain products. Learn how to set this up by reading the steps below.

Step 1. First, log in to your Deliverect account, select Settings ① in the sidebar, and choose Capacities ②.

If you do not see this in your account, contact your Deliverect account manager or our support team.

Step 2. Select the +Create Capacity button.

Step 3. Now you can create the capacity rule.

  • Setup: Choose Advanced if you want to apply the rule to products.

  • Name: What you would like to call this capacity rule.

  • Location: The location to use this rule on.

  • Slots Per Time Window: Each order uses one slot.

  • Time Window: How long a window should be. If set to 15, then in every 15 minutes the slots would reset and be available again.

Advanced fields:

  • Add products: Type to search for a product from your Deliverect account.

  • Filter by: Change the Add products search bar to find PLUs.

  • Show Products For: Limit the Add products search bar to the location chosen in the Location field.

  • Product Amount: Enter how many of the product can be ordered.

Select the Create Capacity button once finished.

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