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Syrve: Set Up Deliverect
Syrve: Set Up Deliverect
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The Syrve integration with Deliverect can be activated from within the Syrve web admin. When activated, menus can be specifically tailored to contain only the categories and products that you wish to push through to Deliverect. The below steps cover the configuration of the integration and the process of pushing menus.

1. Connect to Deliverect

Step 1. From your Syrve dashboard, go to Order Injection.

Step 2. Select the Add button.

Step 3. Name the integration (e.g., "Deliverect"). Select DELIVERECT from the Type dropdown.

If you're not able to see Order Injection you are likely not yet certified. Please contact Syrve for them to change this.
Contact your Syrve representative if Deliverect does not show as an integration option.

Step 4. Configure the order source:

  • Set Connection settings to Production API Environment.

  • Add the Deliverect Account ID.

  • Add the Deliverect Location ID.

  • Add Order Creation option.

  • Select Save.

  • Note the Webhook URL order.

If there are connection issues, ticking Do not check authentication may rule out any security issues.

2. Configure a Menu for Deliverect

Once connected, the menus can be created for the specified Deliverect location.

Step 1. Go to External Menu.

Step 2. Select the Add button.

Step 3. Choose the name and description and select the Save button. Once a menu is added you can add/remove items as required.

Syrve also allows prices to be imported from a specific location and source.

3. Publish menu products

You can publish configured menus to Deliverect.

Step 1. Go to External Menu.

Step 2. Select Order Injection in the Deliverect menu.

Step 3. Select Menu Mapping.

Step 4. Select Export Stock List.

Step 5. Ensure the correct menu is selected and select Save and Export. A timestamp will appear under the Save & Export button, if that is not the case the export was not successful. If any products or modifiers do not appear in Deliverect, it is likely they are not in the configured menu.

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