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TouchBistro: Upload Your TouchBistro Online Ordering Menu
TouchBistro: Upload Your TouchBistro Online Ordering Menu
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Before uploading your online ordering menu, please make sure Deliverect is enabled on your TouchBistro Cloud.

Please refer to the steps below to upload your online ordering menu to Deliverect from your TouchBistro iPad.

Step 1. Force close your TouchBistro POS application on your Main Device (double-click on the iPad's home button and swipe up).

If you have a classic TouchBistro setup, restart your TouchBistro Pro Server on your Mac Mini.

Step 2. Restart TouchBistro POS on your Main Device and log in as Admin.

Step 3. Tap on Admin and select Admin Settings.

Step 4. Navigate to Menu in the sidebar , and select Menus .

Step 5. Select/create the menu that you wish to upload to Deliverect and toggle on Online Ordering.

Step 6. Add all menu categories you wish to offer for delivery by tapping on Add Menu Category.

Step 7. Tap on Save.

TouchBistro only allows one menu to be used for online ordering. Should you have multiple menus configured, please create a new one, name it “Deliverect” and enable this menu for online ordering.

Step 8. To ensure the menu is successfully uploaded to Deliverect and synced with your TouchBistro Cloud, please force close TouchBistro POS on your iPad or restart your TouchBistro Pro Server on your Mac Mini (if applicable).

For help with your online ordering menu upload, please reach out to TouchBistro Technical Support at [email protected].

Once you have finished the steps above, please view the Next steps section at the bottom of this article and contact your Deliverect account manager or our support team to complete your integration process.

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