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Lightspeed Restaurant L-Series: Multiple Locations
Lightspeed Restaurant L-Series: Multiple Locations
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Lightspeed offers a way to manage your products and modifiers from one "main" account.

This means that when you create or edit menu items, these changes will automatically be propagated to the different locations.

This is especially useful if you have multiple locations where the menu is primarily the same. Why? Because Deliverect offers you the means to push one Menu to your delivery channel for different locations, which will save you lots of time and effort.

As we work based on PLUs of products and modifiers, it is important these are the same across the different locations. If you haven't set this up yet, this can take some time to set up, however will save you a lot of time in the future! We recommend doing this first, before activating our integration.

You can contact Lightspeed support at [email protected] for assistance.

For modifiers, view this article.

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