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Lightspeed Restaurant L-Series: Multi-Location Modifiers
Lightspeed Restaurant L-Series: Multi-Location Modifiers
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What is a multi-location modifier?

Lightspeed currently has a hidden setting, which the Lightspeed support team can activate for a master account, called "Multi-location modifiers".

What happens when this setting is switched on?

  1. All modifiers from the master account will be copied to ALL the child locations.

  2. These copied modifiers will NOT be linked to any products or categories.

  3. The existing modifiers in those child accounts will remain untouched.

From this point on, the following is applicable in Lightspeed:

  1. Any new modifier group/modifier value created in the Master will be copied to all the child locations.

  2. Any edit (price, PLU, name, ...) of a modifier group/modifier value in the Master will be also be applied to all the child locations.

  3. Any deletion of a modifier group/modifier value in the Master will also be applied to all the child locations.

  4. "Master modifiers" can only be created/edited/deleted in the Master account. You can NOT edit any value of a "Master modifier" in a child account.

  5. "Master modifiers" will be identified with a crown symbol.

Important to know

  • Linking a modifier group to products and categories still needs to be done in each child account. There is no option to link a modifier group to a product/category from the master. (Except for the categories in the Master of course, but this is not reproduced in the child locations!)

  • Choosing to which location the modifier groups need to be copied is not possible. If the setting is activated, ALL modifier groups from the Master will be copied to ALL locations.

  • If you don't need 1 modifier group in 1 specific location for example; you just leave the modifier group present in the child location, and don't link it to any product/category.

Advice for adding more locations in Lightspeed

Please take special care when importing products/modifiers and linking new locations to the master.

  1. Adding a new child location to the master
    If a new location is added to the master, all modifiers will automatically be copied to the child location.

  2. Importing to a child location
    All modifiers will be overwritten and this could lead to strange behavior when editing a modifier in the Master.

When adding a new location, we suggest doing it as follows:

  1. Import only products (with .csv)

  2. Add the location to the master; modifiers will be automatically added to the child

  3. Link the modifiers to the correct categories/products

What happens when this setting is turned off?

All modifiers will simply be converted to "normal" ones. They will lose their crown symbol, and the link from the master modifier to the child modifier will be lost.


You have 5 child locations and 1 master account in Lightspeed.
In Deliverect you have 1 menu, based on the products from the master account in Lightspeed. You push this menu to the 5 different locations.

In the Lightspeed master account, the modifier group 'Salad' is linked to the product 'Burger'.
As Deliverect retrieves the products from this master account, the product and that modifier will appear in Deliverect, in the Deliverect preview and also in your menu on the Uber Eats platform.

However, if the modifier group 'Salad' is not linked to the 'Burger' product in 'Location 1', the order will come into Deliverect but will fail because it was not able to link the modifier 'Salad' to the 'Burger' product in 'Location 1' Lightspeed system.

So Deliverect retrieves products from the master account and pushes those products to the different Uber Eats stores on different locations.

If a customer orders something from one location (Location 1), Deliverect matches the incoming order from that location to the Lightspeed POS system from that location. To do so, we need to be able to identify the correct products in the 'Location 1' POS.

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