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Lightspeed Restaurant L-Series: Set Up Products With Extra Options and Upsells
Lightspeed Restaurant L-Series: Set Up Products With Extra Options and Upsells
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The POS (Lightspeed) is the source of all information. So if you want to offer products with options online, you should first create this setup in Lightspeed, then sync with Deliverect, adjust the menu, and publish the menu again.

Steps to follow

Step 1. Login to your Lightspeed account. Select Products in the sidebar and choose Products .

Step 2. Choose + Add Product. Combos and Choices are not supported.

Step 3. To create an extra options group, select Products in the sidebar followed by Modifiers .

Step 4. Select + Add group

Step 5. Create the Modifier group (view the Lightspeed documentation on Creating Modifiers).

  • Name: Name that is displayed online

  • Multi-Select: Min and max range of the items that can be selected

  • Modifiers: The options that should be offered in this modifier group

  • Linked products: The products that will list these options

If you want to add a new option to this modifier group, select + New Modifier.

A unique PLU is required to sync with Deliverect.

Step 6. When everything is set up in Lightspeed, go to the Locations page in Deliverect to synchronize the changes made in Lightspeed with your Deliverect account, for all your locations.

Step 7. Your products are synced with the modifiers already attached. Remember to add them to the menu if they are not there already

Step 8. Verify that the menu is complete by previewing it.

Step 9. Publish your menu to your channels to update your stores.

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