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Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series: Operational Flow
Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series: Operational Flow
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When are orders sent to the POS?

Only after accepting the order on the tablet from the delivery channels, is the order sent to your POS.

How does Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series handle my online orders?

If you want the POS to automatically print orders, you need to be logged in with a user on Lightspeed.

The orders arrive without sound on the POS, but as they are printed, you'll see a ticket for every order.

Possible solutions for the missing sound are:

  • Buying a kitchen buzzer.

  • Using a different tablet with the Delivery Manager App. By default, a sound plays when an order is received.

Finding orders

You can find all orders by tapping on RECEIPTS.

Synchronizing an iPad

An iPad requires synchronization with the Lightspeed back office to receive the latest information about products, etc.

You can update an iPad from the device or your back office.

From the iPad

Tap on the orange reload icon.

From the back office

Step 1. In the sidebar, select Configuration and then Devices .

Step 2. Select the reload button.

It is important that you do this after every change.

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