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Tiller: Operational Flow With Deliverect
Tiller: Operational Flow With Deliverect
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Only after accepting the order on the tablet from the delivery channels, is the order sent to Tiller.

Integration requirements

Only the Tiller3 application is compatible with Deliverect. Please contact your Tiller Account Manager if you need to upgrade.

How does Tiller handle my delivery orders?

After you have accepted an online order on the delivery partner's tablet, the order is sent to Tiller and printed.

Where can I find my online orders in Tiller?

If you are integrated with one of our online partners, you will see a new bike icon at the top right of your Tiller application.

By tapping on this new icon, you access a page dedicated to your online orders. You can find all your online orders that are awaiting validation or in preparation.

Make sure your iPads are synchronized

The iPads need to be synchronized with the Tiller back office. Not being synchronized may provide, outdated information about products, payment options, tables, etc. You can synchronize your iPad to your Tiller back office by clicking on the arrows forming a circle, as shown in the screenshot below.

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