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Heartland: Create Pricing Rules
Heartland: Create Pricing Rules
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If you use different prices based on the delivery channel, read this article to learn how to send the correct prices to your Heartland POS.

Step 1. Log in to your Heartland POS via

Step 2. In the sidebar, select on Location Setup followed by Rooms .

Step 3. Select the NEW button to create a room. In this example, we will call it "SkipTheDishes". Customize it to your liking then select the Save button.

Step 4. In the sidebar, select Account Menu followed by Pricing .

Step 5. Select the CREATE A RULE button.

Step 6. Create the rule by completing the following fields.

  • Name: Give it an easily identifiable name (e.g., Deliveroo, Uber Eats).

  • Room Specific: Activate

  • Pricing: Choose Group and select the group to use.

    • Rule: Choose either:

      • Dollar Adjust to increase your menu prices by a fixed amount.

      • Percent Adjust to increase your menu prices by a percentage.

    • Amount: The value or percentage to increase your menu prices.

    • Affect Modifiers: Activate this if you want modifiers to also be changed.

Select the Save icon.

Step 7. In the sidebar, select Location Setup ① followed again by Rooms ②.

Step 8. Select the room you want to apply the pricing rule on.

Step 9. Select Select a Pricing and choose the pricing rule you have created in Step 4. Select the Save button.

Step 10. If necessary, repeat these steps for additional channels. Provide the name(s) of the room(s) to your Deliverect account manager.

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