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DMA: Web Version
Updated over a week ago

Need to check your orders but don't have your tablet nearby? The DMA is available from your web browser and provides order management.

To access, visit (or if you have an enterprise account) and log in using your Deliverect account.

Select an order to view its details and advance the status.

Select the toggle icon to filter the orders shown to you.


The following settings are available:

  • Use as KDS: Activate this setting to only see the ID and items of each order. For a complete KDS experience, we recommend using Deliverect Kitchen Display. Learn more here.

  • Automatically accept orders: If activated, new orders will be accepted automatically and won’t be displayed in a popup.

  • Enable scheduled orders: If deactivated, scheduled orders will show up among regular orders.

Expand the sidebar and choose Settings.

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