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View Your Subscriptions
Updated over a week ago

To check the status of your subscriptions, log in to your Deliverect account and navigate to Settings and then Subscriptions in your sidebar.

All current and canceled subscriptions are listed. Select a subscription to view more details.

The following information is provided:

  • Order volume usage: The amount of orders placed this month.

  • Description: General information and terms.

  • Price: The current price of the subscription.

  • Location name: The location for this subscription.

  • Active since: The date the subscription started.

  • Current term: The current billing period.

  • Next invoice: When the next billing period starts.

  • Payment pending: If a payment is not yet complete.

  • Payment info: The billing details used for invoices.

You can cancel a subscription by clicking on the Cancel subscription button. Someone from our team will reach out to you.

Do you have a question about an invoice or your subscription? If so, contact your Deliverect account manager or our support team.

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