Introduction to the Products Page
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The Products page contains everything you need to manage your products. This includes syncing from a POS and the creation/deletion of products. Keep reading to learn about all of the features.

View products

- Products are grouped into different types. Click on a type at the top of the page to see only those products.

- Enter the name or PLU of a product to quickly find it.

Edit products

- Click on a product to make changes to it.

- Click on the icon to remove the product (if created in Deliverect).

Customize a product for a location

- To edit a product for a specific location, expand the product by clicking on the > icon.

- Next, click on the product specific to that location. Read this article for further details.

Bulk deletion and table customization

- To delete multiple products simultaneously, click on the checkbox for each of the products. An option to delete all will then appear.

- Click on the + button to change the columns displayed in the products table.

- Click on the icon at the top right to sync products from your POS or import/export your products from a menu (import only) or CSV file.

Create products

- Click on the + Create button to add products to your Deliverect account.

Use a POS? If so, products should be created on the POS and then synced to Deliverect.

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