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National Soft: Make Items Available for Product Syncing
National Soft: Make Items Available for Product Syncing
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POS products must be created correctly before you can sync them to Deliverect.

Below are the steps to ensure correct POS configuration.

If you need help or have any questions about the steps below, please raise a support ticket with NationalSoft, as only they are best equipped to help you with these POS settings and behaviors.

Step 1. G​o to Soft Restaurant and then Products to access the list of all your POS products.

Step 2. To create new Products, select New and complete all the required information.

Step 3. Ensure that any new product has the following information set:

  • ID: Enter an ID as this will be used as the PLU in Deliverect

  • Apply unit to the selected group: Activated

  • Apply area to the selected group: Activated

  • Applying this fee to all current group: Activated

Step 4. Select Create products.

Step 5. Go to the e-Delivery / Apps de terceros tab and ensure your product is named correctly with the correct price applied. This panel shows how this product will look in the 2nd app we are about to use.

Step 6. Close the window and exit the Soft Restaurant application.

Step 7. Open the MarketPlace App. Select the Sincronizar button to upload all products to your server.

You can now Sync products in Deliverect.

If you cannot access the Marketplace, proceed with these steps by opening the NS Sync 2.0 application.

Step 8. Select Siguiente In the bottom right corner of the application.

Step 9. A list of items configured correctly in Steps 1-4 is displayed. If items are not shown, the configuration in Step 1-4 is incorrect.

Raise a support ticket with National Soft if you require assistance.

Tick the Importar checkbox for every item you want to be available in Deliverect.

Step 10. Go to the next page using the Siguiente button until you reach the 6th step.

Step 11. At the 6th step, wait for all the products to be imported. You will see this message after a successful import.

You can now Sync products in Deliverect.

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