Pickup Manager: Overview
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The Deliverect Pickup Manager gives you the power to manage your deliveries in an efficient and organized way. This new functionality will reduce chaos in the kitchen and tell drivers when an order is ready for collection.

Pickup Manager is a paid addon for your Deliverect account. To learn more and request a demo, visit this page.

Getting started

Head on over to the Pickup Manager page of your Deliverect account.

Once an order for delivery/collection is received from one of your connected channels, it will appear here. Orders are split into different categories: ready for pickup, preparing, and in the queue (optional).

The two tabs at the top allow you to either manage pickup orders or view the pickup screen. These are explained separately below.

Manage pickup orders

In this tab, update the status of your current orders by selecting either the Start preparing, Ready for pickup, or Picked up buttons. You are also able to update an order's status via your connected POS or the Delivery Manager App.


Need to find a specific order? Use the included search bar to filter based on order ID, the driver's name, delivery channel, or the customer's name.

Pickup screen

This is the tab for customers/drivers. We recommend displaying it on a separate device that can be easily seen outside your restaurant. This will prevent people from having to come inside to check on their order.

Updates to an order's status are shown here instantly.


Select the cog icon located at the top right of the page. Here, customize how the page looks and functions.

  • Show "in the queue" section: If activated, that section will be displayed.

  • Show 'Preparing' section: If activated, that section will be displayed.

  • Show timer: If activated, the estimated remaining time until an order can be picked up is shown.

  • Show the order tracker link in the footer: If activated, the link to the order tracker website is visible (order-tracker.deliverect.com).

  • Group by: Group orders by channel or brand, or leave them ungrouped (Off).

  • Pickup Manager header image: Here you can select an image to use in the header of your pickup screen.

  • Header background color: Change the color used in the order tracker.


Select this icon to expand the page to full screen, simplifying the view and removing unimportant information for customers/drivers.

Order tracker website

A link and QR code to order-tracker.deliverect.com is present at the bottom of the pickup screen. If a customer/driver opens it, they can directly look up orders themselves.

All they need to do is enter their order number and select the Check order status button.

Change channel, brand, or location

You can change which orders are displayed by selecting the dropdowns located near the top right of the page.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do we need two tablets or screens?

    • While not necessary, it is recommended to have the pickup screen displayed on a separate device in full-screen mode. This allows you to manage the orders from one device, while the pickup screen for drivers/customers is always visible on the other.

  • Can the pickup screen be viewed inside the Delivery Manager App (DMA), to be used as a KDS?

    • The DMA cannot currently display the pickup screen, but it can be used to update the status of orders. Changes to an order's status are instantly displayed on the pickup screen.

  • Are there any technical requirements for the pickup screen?

    • Any device that can run a web browser should work just fine.

  • How is the countdown timer for orders calculated?

    • This is the total time left until the order can be picked up. Preparation time for products will be used to provide an estimate.

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