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Pickup Manager: Activate QR Scanning
Pickup Manager: Activate QR Scanning
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Allow drivers or customers to scan a QR code to see the current status of an order. With automatic updates, reduce the number of questions inside your locations, streamlining the pickup process. Each location receives a unique QR code that leads to a dedicated page for orders from that location.

This feature is available as a paid addon for your Deliverect account. For details, please reach out to [email protected].

Activate on a location

Step 1. Log in to your Deliverect account and go to Pickup Manager via the sidebar.

Step 2. In the Manage pickup orders tab, select the Enable QR Scanning button.

Step 3. Select the toggle for each location you want to have it activated.

Step 4. A QR code icon will display, select it.

Step 5. The QR code and URL for that location will be revealed. At the bottom, there are buttons to copy the URL and download the QR code. If you have multiple locations, repeat these steps.


Print out the QR code so that people can easily scan it. Once scanned, they are taken to a URL in the format

Orders are grouped by their status. In addition, there is a search box at the top to look up specific orders and a dropdown to filter by channel. The status of orders is updated automatically.

Selecting an order shows a dedicated page making it easier to track.

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