Place a Test Order
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Send test orders from your Deliverect account to your POS to see how they are processed/printed.

We advise that you send a test order before you go live with online delivery channels.

Test orders will contribute towards your venue's daily revenue, so make sure to delete the order from within your POS after testing.

Step 1. Go to the Menus page via the sidebar.

Step 2. Find the menu you want to test, select the icon , and choose Preview .

Step 3. If you have multiple locations, choose which to use for the order.

Step 4. Select products followed by the Add to Cart button. We recommend choosing an item with modifiers so you can see how they print on your POS. If orders are printed in the bar and kitchen, we advise adding food and drink.

Step 5. Once you have added items, select the cart icon located at the top right corner.

Step 6. Selecting the Add Info button allows you to add an order note, customer address, or change the type of order. Once ready, select the Place Order button.

Depending on your integration, you will see the order on your POS or it will automatically finalize and print. You can also view the status of the test order from your Orders page.

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