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Create and Assign Location Groups
Create and Assign Location Groups
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Location groups allow you to perform actions simultaneously for multiple locations and see their combined stats.

This feature is currently in beta and not available on all accounts. Reach out to your Deliverect account manager for more information.

Interactive tutorial


Individual steps

Create a location group

Step 1. Go to your Locations page.

Step 2. Hover over the location and select ADD LOCATION GROUPS.

Step 3. Enter a name into the Location group tag(s) field. Any existing tags can be found by typing their names or by selecting the dropdown field.

Step 4. Select Done. The location group has been created and added to that location.

Edit a location group or add it to multiple locations

Step 1. Go to your Locations page.

Step 2. Select the More button and choose Edit Location Groups.

Step 3. Choose an existing location group or create a new one by selecting the + button.

Step 4. The following options are available:

A: Rename: Select the pencil icon to change the location group's name.

B: Add locations: Select the + icon to add more locations to the location group.

C: Delete: Select the trash icon to delete the location group.

How to use location groups

Location groups can be found in the Location filters throughout your Deliverect account. Here are some examples of when they can be used:

  • Viewing orders

  • Viewing stats in your dashboard

  • Publishing menus

  • Scheduling menus

  • Changing opening hours

  • Configuring holidays

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