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Provide Necessary Information to Support
Provide Necessary Information to Support
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Our Deliverect support team is always happy to assist you. To receive a faster response and resolution, please provide general information and specific details.

General information

1. A clear subject line related to the issue or question and a brief description.

2. Your account name as shown in Deliverect. Hovering over the name will show the full name.

3. The name of the location(s) that you need help with.

4. Any specific details. Some common examples are below:

Failing orders

1. Provide the order ID(s). These can be found on your Orders page.

2. The failed order error message.

3. The channel partner's name.

4. Screenshot showing the issue.

Missing orders

1. Provide the order ID(s) that are missing.

2. Name of the channel partner.

3. Date and time.

4. Screenshot of the channel partner's tablet/app/website showing the order.

Login issue

1. The email address or authentication method you use to log in to Deliverect.

2. Screenshot of the error.

3. The URL (web address) of your browser after attempting to log in.

Menu push issues

1. Name of the channel partner.

2. The error message.

3. Screenshot of your browser.

For information on how to contact us, please read this article.

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