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Manager App: How to Use
Manager App: How to Use
Updated over a week ago

The Manager App helps you stay on top of key metrics and alerts from your stores. You can also re-open closed channels.

The Manager App is currently in beta. Contact your Deliverect account manager or our support team to start using the Manager App with your business.


Select stores

Tap on the store selector to view data from specific stores.


The following data is provided:

  • Sales

  • Order volume

  • Average order value

  • Canceled orders

  • Failed orders

A graph shows you the sales and order volume per day or month.


Receive alerts when stores unexpectedly close, orders fail, or if orders fail to inject into your POS.

Tap on an alert to view the details.

Paused channels

Tap on the affected store.

You can contact the store, forward the alert to someone, or open the store.


You can read the terms and conditions and log out of your account.

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