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PAR PixelPoint: Configure Sales Types
PAR PixelPoint: Configure Sales Types
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It is necessary to create a sales type in the PAR PixelPoint BackOffice for each online store provider you intend on integrating with Deliverect.

We recommend you create a sales type for each integration and order type.


  • Uber Eats - Delivery

  • Uber Eats - Pickup

  • Just Eat - Delivery

  • Just Eat - Pickup

Step 1. Log in to your PixelPoint BackOffice, go to Administrator, and then Sales Type Setup.

Step 2. Create a new Sales Type.

Step 3. Set the Sales Type Description to be the online store name and order type (e.g., "Uber Eats - Delivery").

Step 4. Set the Delivery Mode you intend to use for this sales type.

Step 5. Activate the following settings:

  • Allow Sales Type on Web

  • Print Member Information

  • Enforce Member

Step 6. Save and repeat these steps for each online store provider.

Step 7. Reboot the machine that the EOI is installed on.

Step 6. Inform your Deliverect representative or our support team so we can configure the sales types on your Deliverect account. All future orders will be mapped to the correct sales type.

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