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Follow the steps in this article if you have a license for PAR’s PixelHQ for Web Reporting and Web API delivery method.

Step 1. Request the following information from your POS reseller:

  • Your PixelHQ Store Token (also known as API Key)

  • EOI connector PixelPointHQEOI.exe file

  • EOI connector PixMOI.dll file

Step 2. Copy the two EOI files into your Windows machine and run the PixelPointHQEOI.exe file.

Step 3. Ensure your PixelPoint License Manager shows PixelPoint HQ. If it does not, ask your POS reseller to add this to your license. You may need to restart the License Manager to ensure that PixelPoint HQ is added.

Step 4. Start the EOI Client Connector by running PixelPointHQEOI.exe. Select Tools and then Set PixelPoint HQ Store token. Enter your PixelHQ Store Token.

Step 5. Restart the EOI Client Connector.

Step 6. Check the logs to see if your EOI Client Connector is running without any errors (the first heartbeat will appear after about 30 seconds).

Step 7. Inform your Deliverect representative or our support team that you have completed these steps. They will finalize the configuration.

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