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T​aker: Create and Set up a Webhook Connection
T​aker: Create and Set up a Webhook Connection
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S​tep 1. Login to your Taker admin panel and select Settings in the sidebar.

Step 2. In the Connection section, select Webhook.

If this setting is not available, contact your Taker contact person and request them to activate it for you. Taker's Growth plan is required for this functionality.

S​tep 3. Click on the Create new webhook button.

S​tep 4. Enter the following details:

  • N​ame: A name for the Webhook, make clear it's for the Deliverect integration

  • Language: English

  • T​ype: Order Status

  • M​ethod: Leave on POST

  • Delete the Headers and Parameters keys and values.

  • S​tatuses: Activate every status.

Select the Save button.

S​tep 5. The new webhook should now be visible on the Webhook page.

Step 6. Inform your Deliverect contact that you have completed these step.

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