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Taker: Create a Deliverect API User
Taker: Create a Deliverect API User
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S​tep 1. Login to your Taker admin panel.

S​tep 2. Select Settings in the sidebar and then choose Manage Users .

Step 3. Select the Create button.

S​tep 4. Fill in the details for the new user.

  • S​tatus: Set to Active.

  • U​ser role: Choose Store Manager.

  • S​elect Branch: Choose All Branches.

  • E​mail: Enter an email address (it does not need to exist).

  • N​ame: Enter a name that makes it clear that it used is for the Deliverect API (e.g., "DeliverectAPI").

  • Password: Enter a unique password.

  • U​sername: Enter a username. Can be identical to what is entered in the Name field.

  • M​obile: Enter a mobile phone number (it can be a random number).

Select the Save button. The user is now listed on the Manage Users page.

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