Updates: November 2023
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In this article, discover all of our key changes released in November 2023.

Some features may not be visible to you based on your user role or plan. To view weekly updates, visit updates.deliverect.com.

Delivery Manager App

  • Settings: You can now choose to show or hide busy mode notifications in the Settings tab of the app. Learn more.

  • Settings: Want to prevent people from snoozing items? If so, turn off the Enable item snoozing toggle from the Tablets page. Learn more.


  • Overview page: Updated to provide more functionality and increased clarity:

    • Keep menus organized by archiving them: In addition to deleting menus, you can now archive them. Archived menus are conveniently located in the "Archived" subtab within the page, where you have the option to unarchive or delete them permanently.

    • Group your menus easily: It’s now easier to create menu groups. With the new "Add group" button at the top of the page, you can simultaneously add multiple menus to a group.

    • See all your menu groups in one place: Menu groups are now more organized and accessible. They appear as subtabs at the top of the page, rather than in a row format.

    • Duplicate your menus easily: You can now duplicate several menus at the same time. A more efficient process compared to the previous one-at-a-time method.

    • Get all the info you need by customizing column views: You have more control over what you see by configuring the columns. Options include fields like ‘Name’, ‘Internal Name’, ‘Active On’, ‘Image’, ‘Menu Type’, and ‘Menu Created At’.

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