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Get Started With Social Ordering
Get Started With Social Ordering
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Are you ready to start receiving orders using your social media channels? This article shows you the complete setup process.

Visit this page to learn more about Deliverect Social Ordering. If you are an existing Deliverect customer, you can request access by selecting Social Ordering in the sidebar and then selecting the Get social media ordering button .

Step 1. Log in to your social dashboard

Step 1a. Log in to your Deliverect account and select Locations in the sidebar.

Step 1b. Expand the location.

Step 1c. Select the Social ordering button for one of your social channels. You are then sent to your social dashboard.

Step 2. Configure your social dashboard

Set your opening hours, address, ordering modes, and more. Follow the instructions in this article to learn how.

Step 3. Set a payment profile

A payment profile is required to accept payments. Follow the steps in this article if you are yet to create a payment profile in Deliverect. Provide the name of the payment profile to your Deliverect representative so that they can assign it to your social ordering channels.

Step 4. Publish your menu

From your Deliverect frontend, go to the Menus page and publish a menu with the type Delivery and Pickup to your social media channels. Learn more here.

Step 5. Configure social channels

Add buttons and links on your social channels to provide visibility to your menu. The following articles explain the possibilities of each platform:

You can find a link to your menu on the page for the social channel. Opening it in your web browser allows to you ensure that everything is displaying to your wishes.

Reach out to your Deliverect representative if you require any assistance.

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