Updates: June 2023
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In this article, discover all of our key changes released in June 2023.

Some features may not be visible to you based on your user role or plan. To view weekly updates, visit updates.deliverect.com.

Deliverect Online Ordering

  • Address: Customers can now more easily enter their address. Selecting the crosshair icon uses their current location to automatically enter the address.

  • Deliverect Online Ordering (Discounts): The Product discount type now allows you to apply a discount to multiple products.

Delivery Manager App

  • A notification is now shown if a store is closed for over two hours. Learn more.


  • Orders marked for delivery as soon as possible will now use the default preparation time set for that channel in Deliverect to calculate the pickup time. Previously, the pickup time was calculated using logic from the channel partner. Reach your customers quicker while maintaining high control over the preparation time to ensure your food is ready just in time for the courier's arrival.

Menus page

  • A new column shows the total number of currently active channels for each menu. Select it to view the channels.

Operation reports

  • You can find specific operational reports more easily by inputting a start and end time.

If you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to our support team.

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