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Information About the Preview Program
Information About the Preview Program
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The Preview Program allows for the trial of features and changes a week before they are available to everyone. We will typically only enroll one location of an account, thus limiting the potential operational impact on the business.

Do you operate a chain of restaurants and want to learn more? If so, contact your Deliverect account manager for details.

What to expect

Near the start of every week, we activate the preview version of Deliverect on an enrolled location. Currently, changes in the preview only relate to order processing. In the future, the preview will also include interface or functionality updates on,, and the Delivery Manager App (DMA).

When to give feedback

Early in the week (Tuesday/Wednesday) is the best moment to give feedback on a preview, as this gives us ample time to make any changes before releasing it to every location next week.

How to tell if you are on the Preview Program

This program is only available to a small number of accounts. Communication is sent directly to accounts that are activated.

Questions or issues

Contact your Deliverect account manager for any questions about the Preview Program or if you experience any issues with your activated location.

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