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Deliverect Kitchen Display: Edit a Profile
Deliverect Kitchen Display: Edit a Profile
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The profiles in your account are used to configure your screens. To edit one, follow the steps in this article.

Step 1. Log in to your account at Replace "EXAMPLE" with your unique app name (which was chosen when creating your account).

Step 2. Select Screens in the sidebar and then the Profiles tab .

Step 3. Select the Edit button for the profile you want to change.

Step 4. The settings are split up into different sections, explained below:

  • General

    • Name: Change the name of the profile.

    • Linked to screens: Where this profile is currently being used.

  • Orders configuration

    • Bumping allowed: Activate to allow orders to be bumped to the next state.

    • Show orders X minutes in advance: Change when an order should be visible on a screen.

    • Can accept new orders: If activated, new orders that are not yet accepted are shown on a screen.

    • Can postpone orders: If activated, users will have the ability to delay orders.

  • Sound settings

    • Use buzzer sound: The buzzer sound can be activated/deactivated. Additionally, you can change how often the buzzer plays.

  • Preparation config

    • Use fixed timer for orders: If activated, a default countdown timer will be displayed instead of the scheduled pickup time.

    • Number of minutes needed for preparation: If the above setting is activated, the duration of the timer can be specified.

    • Enable printer configuration: Activate to enter the IP address of your printer. Our supported printers are listed here.

  • Filtering config

    • Selected states to filter on: Choose which order states to display on the screens.

    • Selected tags to filter on: Choose which product tags to display on the screens; a way to differentiate screens by purpose (e.g., individual profiles for hot and cold products).

    • All items with these tags will be displayed but cannot be bumped: Choose the tags from the dropdown.

    • Hide untagged items: If activated, all products without a tag will not be shown on screens.

    • Can update filters: If activated, users are able to edit the filters for a screen. These changes will not be saved or shown on other screens for this profile.

    • Display shortened ID: If activated, only the last four digits of an order will be shown. This can help communication between kitchen staff.

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