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Deliverect KDS: Using the Kitchen Screen
Deliverect KDS: Using the Kitchen Screen
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To access a created kitchen screen, go to on the device. Replace "EXAMPLE" with your unique app name (which was chosen when creating your account).

Order status

- Pickup time, current time, and time remaining to pickup.

- The channel and order ID.

- Items for preparation.

Manage orders

- Switch between the current orders.

- Change the status of the order.

Change settings

- From left to right:

  • Adjust the screen. View the Options section below for details.

  • See past orders.

  • See current orders.

  • See orders not yet needing to be prepared.

- Toggle the visibility of the product notes sidebar.


To change the layout of your screen, select the icon at the top left.

  • Open settings: Change the screen's name, profile, and language.

  • Update custom filters: Set which statuses and tags to filter on.

  • Go full screen: Expand the page to full screen.

  • Zoom out/in: Decrease or increase the size of text, buttons, and other elements.

  • Time view: Change which orders are shown (history, present, future).

  • Change layout: Orders can be shown as blocks or in a sidebar.

  • Status filter: Choose a specific status to display or all.

  • Order type filter: Filter the types of orders to display.

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