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Deliverect KDS: Connect a Printer
Deliverect KDS: Connect a Printer
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Follow the steps in this article to correctly configure a printer to Deliverect KDS.

Step 1. Power off your printer.

Step 2. While pressing the feed button, power on the printer. Continue to hold the feed button.

Step 3. A sheet will be printed that contains the settings of the printer, including its IP address.

Step 4. With the printer still turned on, go to the IP address listed on the printed sheet or a mobile device or computer.

Step 5. Log in and change the password if this is your first time accessing this page (important).

Step 6. In the sidebar, choose Firmware Update in Configuration. Select the Check for updates button and install any available updates.

Step 7. In the sidebar, choose SSL/TLS in Configuration.

Step 8. Select the Create Self-Signed Certificate button.

Step 9. Fill in the form:

  • Country Name: 2 letter code (e.g., BE, UK, US)

  • State or Province Name: E.g., East Flanders, Ontario

  • Local Name: City (e.g., Ghent, Toronto)

  • Organization Name: Company (e.g., Deliverect)

  • Organization Unit Name: E.g., Restaurant

  • Domain: Enter the IP address found on the printed sheet.

  • Expiration Date: Choose a date far into the future (e.g., 2040/01/01)

Select the create button. You will be asked to save and restart your printer.

Step 10. In the sidebar, choose again SSL/TLS in Configuration.

Step 11. Select on the SSL/TLS Setting button.

Step 12. Activate SSL/TLS and select the submit button.

Step 13. Select the "Save" text.

Step 14. Choose Save → Restart device and select the execute button.

Step 15. Using the IP address printed from the printer, log in to the printer using your kitchen screen. In the sidebar, choose again SSL/TLS in Configuration.

Step 16. Select again the Create Self-Signed Certificate button.

Step 17. This time, select the download button.

Step 18. It is necessary to install this certificate on the device you will use as a kitchen screen. For instructions for iPads, go here. For Chrome browsers, go to chrome://settings/security in your browser and choose Manage certificates.

Step 19. Log in to your Deliverect KDS account and navigate to the settings page for the screen profile (instructions here). Activate the Enable printer configuration checkbox and enter the IP address you have been using to access the printer into the Printer host field (e.g.

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