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Deliverect KDS: Insights
Deliverect KDS: Insights
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With the Insights page, you are able to understand how fast your orders are processed throughout all stages.

To access, log in to your Deliverect KDS account and select Insights.


The various times are displayed in graphs. Hovering over data in a graph shows you when it occurred and the corresponding time to help you identify uncommon occurrences affecting your averages. Colors are used to identify when time targets are/aren't being met.




The target has been met


A maximum of 33% of orders were slower than the target


More than 33% of orders were slower than the target

Slowest orders

All orders are displayed at the bottom of the page, with the slowest at the top. Select an order to show when the order progressed through each step and how long they took. The contents of the order are also provided.


Select the date at the top right to customize the timeframe. Select the Apply button to confirm.


Select the cog icon at the top left to customize the page.

Time targets

Any orders that take longer than the targets are considered late. Change the times to targets you want to reach.

Orders late

The orders late setting controls the tolerated percentage of orders that can be late.

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