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Uber Eats: Integrate Your Uber Eats Account with Deliverect
Uber Eats: Integrate Your Uber Eats Account with Deliverect
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Only follow the steps in this article if you have been asked to do so by a contact person at Deliverect. Otherwise, complete the steps in this article instead.

In this article, we will show you how you can link your Uber Store to Deliverect. Please follow the next steps thoroughly.

Step 1. Log out of Uber Eats in your web browser.

Step 2. In Deliverect, select Locations in the sidebar.

Step 3. Find and expand the location you want to connect to Uber Eats.

Step 4. Select Link channel for the Uber Eats channel.

Step 5. In the popup message, select the Link My Channel button.

Step 6. If you haven't previously provided your Uber Eats store link, you will need to paste it here and then select the Link Channel button.

Step 7. You are redirected to the Uber Eats login page. Please log in with the correct credentials for your account.

This message will appear. Select Allow.

Step 8. Once finished, you are sent back to Deliverect.

If the linking is successful, an Unlink Channel button is shown for the Uber Eats channel. Do not select this button.

Please tell your Deliverect representative that this step has been completed. They can then finalize the connection and allow for orders to be received in Deliverect.

Common errors

The connection between Uber Eats & Deliverect failed

Make sure to log out first from all the Uber Eats before you try to connect Uber Eats with the Link Channel button.


Contact your Deliverect account manager or our support team.

Could not provision store

Your Uber Eats account doesn't provide you with the correct role to link your Uber Eats store with Deliverect. Check your 'role' and 'rights' in Uber Eats and then communicate these to your Deliverect account manager.
In the meantime, you can ask one of your colleagues to try using their Uber Eats credentials instead.

Can't find target HTML element

Make sure your store URL is correct. This happens when the customer-facing URL of your store is not the correct one in the channel settings, please verify this and provide your Deliverect representative with the correct URL.

Invalid client

This might be happening because someone else is logged in to your Uber Eats account with the same credentials. Please make sure the other person is logged out before you proceed with the linking.
Another possibility is that you are using the same e-mail address for multiple Uber Eats accounts (different locations or brands).
Your Uber Eats application has not been set in the channel link settings, please ask your Deliverect account manager for assistance.

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