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Slerp: Integration Overview
Slerp: Integration Overview
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With Deliverect's integration, receive orders from your Slerp account and have them automatically sent to your POS. You are also able to manage your menu and much more.

  • Activation timeline: Slerp integration typically takes less than one week.

How it works

  1. The customer places an order on Slerp.

  2. The order is automatically accepted.

  3. The order is sent to Deliverect and your POS (or Delivery Manager App).

How to set up

Step 1. Contact Slerp and request integration to Deliverect.

Step 2. Together with Slerp, we will connect your account.

Menu management

Sent to Slerp with a menu push

  • Product mapping

  • Product name

  • Product snooze

  • Prices

  • Modifier/option groups

  • Modifiers/options

  • Images

  • Descriptions

Required to send a menu to Slerp

  • No specific requirements.

When necessary to push the menu online

  • Every time the menu is changed.

When not necessary to push the menu online

Order management

Information sent to Deliverect with orders

  • Order details

  • Pick-up time

  • Order notes

  • Delivery fees

  • Customer info

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