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OrderMate: Self-Onboarding Overview
OrderMate: Self-Onboarding Overview
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Your OrderMate POS is the source of all information. To offer products online, configure them first in OrderMate and then sync them to Deliverect. You can then adjust your menu and publish it.

Step 1. What you need to connect to Deliverect:

  • OrderMate Location ID

Send the following email to OrderMate with your Deliverect account manager in CC.

Hi OrderMate,

I would like to integrate my OrderMate POS with Deliverect. Please provide my OrderMate Location ID.

Step 2. Complete the following in your Deliverect account:

Step 4. Build your menu.

Step 5. Connect your delivery platforms via the channel request form. Contact your Customer Success Agent to finalize and go live!

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