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Epos Now: Setup Instructions
Epos Now: Setup Instructions
Updated over a week ago

Learn how to connect an Epos Now account to Deliverect with this article.

These instructions are currently only for Epos Now employees to follow. Contact your Deliverect account manager or Epos Now directly to learn about our integration and how to proceed.

Step 1. First, retrieve the Authentication Key for the POS by following the steps here.

Step 2. Change to the correct account via the dropdown at the top-left.

Step 3. Go to the Locations page.

Step 4. Select the Edit button.

Step 5. Complete the fields for the location.

General Information

  • Name: Add a name that is easily recognizable, for example, the street or city.

  • Time Zone: This can be changed to match what the customer uses.


  • Environment: Production

  • POS Access Profile: Leave empty.

  • Authorization Token: Enter the token found by following these steps.

  • Use Product Groups: If activated, products will only be synced to Deliverect if they are in product groups in Epos Now.

  • Operational System Of the Utility: Choose the correct operating system.

Product Sync

  • Price To Sync: Choose the price type to use during product syncs. If nothing is selected "Eat Out Price" will be used.

Advanced Product Sync Settings

  • Adjust Stock: If activated, the available stock of products will be adjusted after an order.

Order Payment

  • Send Discounts: If activated, discounts will be sent to the POS.

  • Send Delivery Fee: If activated, delivery fees will be sent to the POS.

  • Send Service Charge: If activated, service charges will be sent to the POS.

  • Send Tip: If activated, tips will be sent to the POS.

  • Delivery Fee PLU: Allows for an item to be mapped to delivery fees by using its PLU.

  • S​ervice Charge PLU: Leave empty as this is not required.

  • Unpaid Order Tender Type: The tender type to use for unpaid orders (e.g. Cash/Card). These are created in Epos Now.

  • Paid Order Tender Type: The tender type to use for paid orders (e.g. Cash/Card). These are created in Epos Now.

Order Behaviour

  • Buffer Orders: If activated, orders will only be sent to the POS when they need to be prepared.

  • Order With Delivery By Channel Is Pickup: If activated, orders for delivery by channel will be sent to the POS as pickup instead.

Order Info

  • Enforce Customer Info: If activated, missing customer info will be automatically generated and populated.

  • Show On Till: If activated, shows the products from orders on till office.

  • Print On Order: Activate if you use Android, leave deactivated for Windows.

  • Print On Receipt: If activated, order info and transaction details will be printed on the receipt.

  • Auto Print Orders: If activated, orders will be automatically printed.

  • Table Id (optional): Enter an Epos Now table ID to use for orders.

Step 6. Fill in the Location Address and Contact Information sections.

Step 7. Select the Save & Propagate button.

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