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Are you an existing Deliverect customer and planning to change POS? If so, reach out to our support team to request a POS migration.

Exception: A new contract is required if your new POS is iKentoo, Lightspeed, or Kounta. If so, follow the steps below:

  1. Contact us to cancel your subscription.

  2. Contact your account manager at iKentoo, Lightspeed, or Kounta to sign a new contract and request a POS change. They will send the migration request to us, and we will get back to you to start the new integration.

Do you need a new account?

Yes. As the POS will no longer be the same, the creation of a new integration is necessary. To do so, we will have to create a new account to be linked to your new POS.

Do you need to build the menu again?

Yes. The syncing of products from your new POS to your new account is required. It is therefore also necessary to create a new menu. If your updated menus exist on a channel from where we can import them, they can be easily brought over together with images and descriptions.

How long does it take to migrate?

It will depend on the type of POS you are migrating to and the delivery channels you are using. Once the products are synced, and the menu is created/imported in Deliverect, we will create a test order. After a successful test order, we can plan the channel migrations. We highly recommend doing this on a day or time when the restaurant is closed, preventing the occurrence of any failed orders during the transition.

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