Resolve Login Issues
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Are you having trouble accessing your Deliverect account? Follow the troubleshooting tips below.

Tip 1. Ensure that you are logging in with the correct email address and password. If you need to reset your password, view the steps in this article.

Tip 2. Use the same login method that you used to sign up (email and password or Google).

Tip 3. Check if you are logging in on the correct page. Accounts can exist on and can't log in on (and vice versa).

Tip 4. Clear the cache in your browser. View the steps for popular browsers below:

Tip 5. Log in to Deliverect while using an Incognito window (Chrome) or a Private window (Firefox, Safari).

Tip 6. If trying to log in for the first time, reach out to the colleague who invited you. It may be that the invite is no longer valid and a new one needs to be sent. They can also confirm the email address set for your profile.

Tip 7. If you use a firewall on your computer or network, add and to the allowlist.

Are you still stuck after trying all of the above steps? Please contact our support team for assistance.

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