Deliverect Plus
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Gain access to additional tools to boost your revenue and business operations by upgrading to Deliverect Plus.

What's included?

Sales comparisons

Use in-depth stats to compare the performance of your channels and locations over set periods. Learn more.

Menu optimization

Optimize your menus and earn more by testing new products or price increases across locations and channels. Learn more.


Reduce and resolve operational issues quickly and stay up-to-date with all parts of your business. Learn more.

Refund reasons

Discover ways to reduce the amount of refunds you receive on your channels. Learn which locations, channels, and moments require the most attention. Learn more.

How to upgrade to Deliverect Plus

Step 1. In the sidebar, select Deliverect Plus.

Step 2. Select the Try for free button.

Step 3. Select the Start free trial button.

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