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To create a new user or an additional login for your Deliverect account, follow the steps in this article.

Step 1. Log in to your Deliverect account and go to Settings and then Users .

Step 2. Users can be invited individually or in bulk via a CSV file.

Single user

Select the Invite User button.

Enter the user's details. The following options are available:

  • User name: Enter their name or how they should be identified in Deliverect.

  • User email: Enter their email address.

  • User role: Choose which role they should have. This will determine what they can access and perform in Deliverect.

    • Account Manager: Has access to your data in Deliverect, can view orders, control menus, and snooze products.

    • Employee: Can only view and manage orders.

  • Select locations: Choose which locations the user can access/manage. Location groups can also be selected.

  • Restrict user menu access: Prevent users from accessing menus that they don't manage. View this article on how to configure.

  • Send mail: If activated, the user will be sent an email with a link to log in.

  • User username + password login: If activated, a username and password will be created for the user to log in with.

  • Roles groups: If the user needs additional permissions, these can be set here. If you require any assistance, please reach out to our support team.

User role, locations, and permissions can be copied from an existing user by choosing them in the Copy Settings From dropdown.

Select the Invite user button once ready.

Multiple users

Select the Import users from CSV button.

Select the Upload a file button to choose your CSV file, then select Upload.

Reach out to your Deliverect account manager or our support team for assistance with bulk importing users.

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