Maitre'D: Connect to Your POS
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There are a few ways you can connect your Maitre'D POS to Deliverect. In this article, you will learn about the different methods.

The three methods are:

  • HTTPS tunnel: Install an application on the computer running your POS

  • IP address: Use the fixed IP address of your POS

  • Dynamic DNS (DDNS): Use a third-party service that dynamically maps your IP to a domain name (not recommended).

Method 1: HTTPS tunnel

This method requires the installation of a program on your POS.

Step 1. Log in to the Deliverect account you want to create the tunnel for. In the sidebar, select Settings and then Keys .

Step 2. Select the Download client button to download the software needed for the tunnel.

Step 3. Select the + Create tunnel button.

Step 4. Choose the location from the dropdown and select the Create button.

Step 5. The POS URL and Client key are now displayed. Make a note of them or leave this screen open.

Step 6. Download and open the Deliverect Tunnel app on the POS. Enter the following fields when prompted:

  • Token: the Client Key provided in Step 5.

  • Port: use 80.

  • Protocol: https

Select Next to finish the installation. You will be shown a port, please provide this to your Deliverect representative.

Method 2: IP address

You can set up a static public IP address to redirect to your private IP address and also expose a port on your firewall (port mapping). This solution only works if you contact your internet provider and acquire a static public IP.

If a dynamic public IP address is used instead, it will cause occasional downtime and is therefore not recommended.

What are public and private IP addresses?

Public (also known as external) IP addresses are used on the internet to connect to different networks. Each IP address is unique. This is in contrast to a private IP address (e.g., which is used only to communicate to devices on a single network.

By using a website like, you can find out the public IP address of your device. Provide the IPv4 address to your Deliverect account manager or our support team.

Have a firewall?

If you have a firewall active on your network, whitelist our IP address:

Method 3: Dynamic DNS (DDNS)

Dynamic DNS is not recommended as it can cause processing delays of up to five minutes between Deliverect and your POS, which may affect your ability to accept and manage online orders. If the TCP Tunnel nor IP Address methods are suitable for you, please advise the Deliverect team during your onboarding and we will provide further information on the limitations of using DDNS.

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